How it works

We are creating the opportunity to get an education for students from all over the world.

  • Single Wallet
  • All money go to students
  • You can contribute any amount
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An amount can be funded 100% by your network

At first you can look to your family, friends or fans for capital. If this amount will be not sufficient, we will add a shortfall.

Friends, family and fans
Solwee support

Solwee provides structure to friends and family funding, which helps you protect your relationships and focus on your studying.

Turn to the right way

90% of higher educations are funded by friends, family, and fans. Solwee provides a way to formally structure these relationships.

Protect your relationships

Don’t turn your friends and family into debt collectors. Use Solwee to streamline a process of fundraising.

Raise more money

Our platform allows you to find your fans to donate helping to raise more money.

Raise money faster

With Solwee, you can get your supporters quickly and get the deal faster.

Believe in the possibility

Even if you haven’t raised the full amount, but you already have enrolled to a school, then Solwee will help you.

Believe in the possibility

Even if you haven’t raised the full amount, but you already have enrolled to a school, then Solwee will help you.

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Single wallet

We raise money from supporters, sponsors and just kind people for students from all over the world.

We are using a strategy of the ‘Single Wallet’, because not each student can fund the required
amount of money, even using different crowdfunding platforms.

We are a starting point of the crowdfunding future.

We give you two ways to raise funds: the traditional crowdfunding method
and the new way of a single raising of financial resources.

By donating money in the Single Wallet, you give a chance to get education for people,
who don’t have a possibility to promote their campaign social networks or media.

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Common questions

  • How to start to raise money?

    Just click the button ‘start a campaign’ in the top right corner.

  • What do i need for it?

    If you wanna get the Solwee money, you should have the registration as a student of your educational institution. If you wanna use Solwee just like crowdfunding system that you need only to register and to write a little story about youself. And don’t forget to promote that!

  • Who can be my supporters in my campaign?

    A supporter can be your friend, a family member, fan, everyone who believe in you and just want to help.

  • Can you help me to recruit supporters?

    Yes! Your success is our success! We make every effort to help you to realize a dream.

  • How is this different from crowdfunding?

    Crowdfunding is just a platform to raise money where you should on your own to find supporters for your campaign. Solwee help you with that and fund money special for you.

  • How do you earn money?

    We take a small percentage from payments to students. It’s 5% from a payment amount.

  • What does a campaign is verified mean?

    A verified campaign means the campaign was checked by Solwee team and you can be sure that the campaign is real and the user was successfully enrolled to a school.

  • How to get the verified status?

    First of all upload documents proving your enrollment to a school via the campaign edition interface. Solwee team regularly checks all campaigns and gives the verification status if a campaign is real snd satisfies the criteria.

  • Can I contact you with questions?

    Of course, we welcome questions and feedback! Write us in facebook or email.