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Stella Jason

from Eugene, Oregon, USA is going to Belval, Luxembourg

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Stella Jason
My story

I am a student in need for financial assistance to complete my current thesis, which requires the exploration and understanding of different European cultures.

I am currently studying history at the University of Oregon in USA. I am very passionate about Medieval European history and would like to do a Bachelor thesis, in which I compare different aspects of different European cultures in the 14th and 16th centuries with the beginning of Renascence.   

I would like to have the opportunity to travel, learn and experience those wonderful cultures so that I can provide quality information and help create a better image, describing how life was for the average person at that time. I believe that the University of Luxembourg could provide the best chances for me to successfully complete my research, because its location is in the heart of Europe, making so many different cultures accessible.

After consulting a certified financial advisor and calculating the expenses for 6 months spent there I concluded that 10000$ would be required to support my studies. Unfortunately my family can only partially cover this sum. Thus I am still needing 3600$.

I would be so grateful if someone here on Solwee could be so generous and kindhearted to help the starting carrier of a researcher.
Please don’t hesitate to ask for further information at:

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21 years


Eugene, Oregon, USA

Is going to

Belval, Luxembourg


University of Oregon

Study Program

Comparative Cultural History