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Hello everyone!

My name is Serena. I'm 21 years old and from South London.

I have always loved performing, specifically acting. Growing up I never considered being an actor an acheivable or attainable goal. I was taught in school that academics were the most important thing and whilst I agree, the arts have always been what interests me most. Even though I was praised and commended for my acting and performing abilities I never considered it a serious career option. When I approached my heads of year in Sixth Form about attending drama school instead of university I was told I was better off getting a degree in Drama and English so I could become a drama teacher, which is great for some people, but it wasn't MY goal. However I was determined to stand my ground. I was told that getting into drama school was "nearly impossible" and to be fair they weren't wrong. Thousands upon thousands of people apply for drama school each year and on average there are only 24 places available, therefore I could understand my teacher's reservations. But guess what...I GOT IN! 

This year I have been accepted onto the 3 year Conservatory course at Drama School in New York starting September 5th. I had strongly considered taking a break from auditioning this year, however due to certain circumstances I decided to give it one final chance before exploring other routes. I decided to go for my absolute dream. I applied to only one school, one of the best in the country, in a city I have always wanted to live in and I got a place. (I don't know about you, but I call that fate). However attending such a prestigous school and moving country comes with A LOT of expenses.

How your money will help:

I'm attempting to raise Euro 50,000 to cover my tuition for the 3 years. I know this is an extremely large and daunting amount of money, but if I could raise even a fraction of that then it would honestly make the world of difference. Unfortunately New York Drama School do not offer student funding  :(

By raising the Euro 50,000 for tuition it would alleviate some of the pressure from my parents, who are doing everything humanly possible to make this dream a reality for me. By me crowd funding and writing to countless people about sponsorship, this means they can focus a little bit more on raising the rest of the money that it's going to cost to send me there. This includes rent, travel, food, insurance, school supplies, personal expenses etc. and will cost almost double the amount I'm trying to raise. Whilst myself and my parents have savings to put towards me moving, we still have an extremely long way to go and not a lot of time!

So please, please, please LIKE, SHARE and DONATE! It would honestly mean everything to me and my future!

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