On a mission to fund money for each student


At Solwee, we believe that an education is the most vital sector of our world’s economy - and yet the most underserved. We believe student access to capital is a fundamental right. We believe students from all over the world should get knowledge in the best educational institutions.


Solwee is a free supporter to students and applicants. Our passion is to fund their educations at any stage with new kind of a money raising that students get more capital when they recruit some support from family, friends and fans.


Solwee is ‘more than a crowdfunding’. We connect sponsors with additional capital and community resources, which constitute our Single Wallet.


Solwee is registered in the first sea port of Russia in Arkhangelsk city. Now we have own representation in the heart of Europe, in Luxembourg. We can confidently identify ourself the global world organisation, because our team located in different points around the world.
We like travel and we believe that every person should try to live a little in another country.

163000, 12 Karla Marksa Street. Arkhangelsk, Russia.
L-5751, Robert Schuman Stroos. Frisange, Luxembourg.

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