Student financial support to cover tuition fees and living costs.

We are creating the opportunity to get an education for students from all over the world.

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We're using a single wallet to raise funds that we distribute between people in need of financial assistance. We consider every story and support the best candidates who really needs money. LEARN MORE

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How Solwee works

We're are looking for money instead of you. You don't need to spent a lot of time for the campaign promotion.
We believe if you already got to an edicational institution, you have to learn, not to look for financial resources for living expenses.

1Start a campaign

Share your story with strangers. Tell them about youself, why should people donate to you and what will you do with money.

2Get the first funds

Publish and promote your campaign in different social networks, share that with your family and frends.

3Solwee support

If you can't raise money for your campaign, Solwee will add outstanding funds obtained from sponsors and generous people.

We put students first

Working two jobs, lack of sleep and you still have not enough money to fund your studying abroad. The alternative raise money
for students once-in-a-lifetime opportunity abroad. We make an education possible for people with limited financial resources.

Traditional making money
  • High workload
  • Poor conditions
  • Penalties
  • Credits
Money with Solwee
  • It's very simple and free
  • Transparent terms
  • The low tax
  • Covering the full costs

And this isn't a joke! We're raising funds special for people who cannot afford to pay for an education.
All we take for ourself it's a small percent from collected funds.

Why we exist

We're giving students a possibility to save more money by participation in our program.

We believe that when you get or donate money in the community, everyone wins.

Education is the backbone of our economy. Yes, now you can forget about your overwork in a job. And you should not be afraid that you will have to work next 10 years for a credit.

By bringing in backers and donors, outside friends or family, we can lend support to people who really want to study but can't afford that.


See how backers and donors affect your rate and save you thousands

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Different cources

We help to raise money for all educational stages

  • Preparation cources
  • Bachelor cources
  • Master cources
  • PhD cources
  • Online cources
  • Language cources
  • Short cources

United wallet

We're using the general wallet to raise funds for all projects.

  • You can be assured that your donation will be used for the intended purposes
  • We can fund students who can't find sponsors on their own
  • We consider only applications from those who already got into educational institution
  • We on our own count required amount of financial resources for studing and living in the country